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Political Navigator - choose your topics, get alerts and stay informed

The European decision-making process is a labyrinth: it involves many different stakeholders that each have their own interests. Keeping up to date takes up a lot of time and money. Until now... We help you to stay on top of the decision-making process in a very easy and cost-effective way.

EU decision-making made clear

All developments and documents from the various EU institutions are presented in easy-to-navigate dossiers saving you the trouble of gathering that information yourself. Dossiers are created the moment a proposal (or a draft thereof) is published, and every new step is subsequently added. A dossier provides answers to questions such as:

  • what is the current state of affairs?
  • what have been past developments and what are the next steps?
  • what actors are involved?
  • what other proposals on the same topics are out there?

The Political Navigator always provides you direct access to the primary sources.

Stay informed - easy, fast and wherever you are

The Political Navigator is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and supports most smartphones and tablets. You receive alerts as soon as something new has come up in any of your topics. And the weekly newsletter (every Friday) assures you of an easy overview by summing up all developments of the past week.

Keep an eye on The Hague as well

The Political Navigator is also available with a focus on the Dutch national decision-making process. For more information on how to keep track of 'The Hague' (a combination of 'Brussels' and 'The Hague' is also possible) please see